Thursday, March 7, 2013


It Is What It Is…
…and we all have to deal with what is.

My name is Chuck and I am currently 52 years old, divorced and have four children. I live in Indiana and at the moment, we have about 4-5-inches of snow on the ground.
In May of 2008, I was accused of having improper relations with my step-daughter who is now 20 years old. In May of 2010, I was convicted of one count of Child Molestation as a C Felony, which indicates that there was no use of force, threat of force, use or threat of a weapon, use of alcohol or drugs. I was also convicted of two counts of Child Solicitation as D Felonies.
I was sentenced to a total of 8½ years, 6 years incarcerated with 2½ years of supervised probation.
I began serving my sentence at the New Castle Correctional Facility in June 2010. Indiana currently has a 2:1 Good Time policy, meaning that an inmate earns two days for every one day of “Good Time” served, which in effect reduced my incarceration time to 3 years.
The Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC) also has certain educational time cuts that can be earned by inmates and I was able to earn a total of 1 full year in educational time cuts by completing the Substance Abuse Program and an Apprenticeship Program in Commercial, Residential and Industrial Housekeeping.
In the end, I spent a total of two years incarcerated, after which time I was released to both probation and parole. While I was not specifically sentenced to parole, it appears that under IDOC rules, anyone who as part of their sentencing does not receive a suspended sentence, is automatically placed on parole for two years.
It was a huge shock to me to find out two days prior to my release from custody to be informed that I was going to be placed on both probation and parole; with parole’s 25 one size fits all stipulations for all released sex offenders, regardless of the conviction. Even a person who’s offense had no involvement with a child/adolescent, is not allowed any contact with a minor, not even their own in any form, even written, telephonic or through third party message, not even an; I love you.
Due to the way my sentencing order was written and having only received the suspended sentence on the C Felony, I had to serve a total of 6 months on parole, the other 18 months was served while still incarcerated for the C Felony and being released from its one size fits all stipulations this past November. Parole also prevents all use of the internet by a convicted sex offender. Now, due to my no longer being on parole, I am allowed to access and use the internet.
I am still under the supervision of both probation and the Indiana Sex and Violent Offender’s Registry, however, in Indiana, probation stipulations are set by the sentencing judge as he/she sees fit, usually based upon the circumstances of the crimes for which a person was convicted. The crimes I was convicted of in no way involved the use of a computer or the internet and so, I am now allowed access to the internet and based upon a recent court ruling in the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals allowing registered sex offenders access to social networking sites, chat rooms and instant messaging programs,  to access those avenues of communication.
I am also required to attend weekly group therapy sessions for sex offenders
I am just starting this blog and I wanted to give my readers a little of my background before diving in.
Since my release, I have also become an active member of Indiana Voices, becoming what I would call a Contributing Editor of the web site, meaning that I post content and provide commentary on some of the stories. We are a family oriented organization, affiliated with the national RSOL organization and their goals of trying to lessen the impact registries have on the registrants themselves and their families.
It is not exactly my intent for this page to be an extension of that site, even though I am the same person who writes both here and there and I do want to cover the same basic subject matter in an attempt to help better inform the general public to the truth about sex offenders and the issues they and their families face every day.
It is also not intended for this blog to be about me personally, my life or my family’s lives, although, there may at times be my own anecdotal evidence that creeps in.
I AM NOT associated in any way, NOR DO I support any group advocating sexual relations between adults and children. Period!
I do hope to possibly be controversial and thought provoking, and a dealer in as many facts as I can find to use. I hope you will enjoy this blog as it evolves.


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